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Take Our Energy Leadership Assessment to Realize Your Goals

Never lose your spirit as you strive to achieve your goals. Progressive Synergy Coaching & Consulting Group provides helpful coaching sessions for clients in Weslaco, Texas, and all over the US. We have individual or team customizable coaching and consulting services available, which typically last for an hour. Please provide us with your contact information for a no-obligation, 30-minute discovery assessment.


Escape the Fast Lane - Team Based

Learn the secret to clarity and focus when pursuing success in life. During this presentation, you will:

• Recognize the seven distinct levels that keep people settling for less in life so that you no longer have to settle.
• Discover the hidden pattern keeping you from achieving a great life.
• Expand possibilities and transcend any limitations, giving you the ability to achieve what you truly desire in life.
• Recognize how to tap into your unlimited potential to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief - Team Based
or Individual - Add On 360 Assesment

The Energy Leadership Index assessment provides insights into how you show up in various aspects of your life. It measures your ability to lead people, including yourself, to take positive, productive, and sustainable action. The assessment also measures how involved or engaged you are in your roles and tasks on the job and at home. Finally, it measures your potential leadership ability by your level of consciousness - your awareness about who you are and what life is about. Studies prove that higher levels of consciousness are associated with higher levels of success in life, including success in finances, relationships, personal development, achievement and more.

Values Assessment - Team Based or Individual

This service package is designed to help you understand what really motivates you and why. We will teach you everything about forward planning. The session will last for 90 minutes and includes three one-hour Focus Connecting Coaching Sessions.

Self-Awareness Questionnaire & Wheel of Life Evaluation - Individual Only

This package is designed to guide your understanding of what you want, along with the possible road blocks that you may encounter. It comes with forward planning, too. Like in Values Assessment, this session also lasts for 90 minutes and comes with three hour-long Focus Connecting Coaching Sessions.

Life Plan Questionnaire - Individual Only

This questionnaire is designed to assist and support you in creating your life plan. The Life Plan Questionnaire also lasts for 90 minutes and includes three Connecting Coaching Sessions.

Individual Coaching Sessions

1 Hour Coaching Session (s) Designed to help you gain clarity on what is important to you and how to move forward.