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Belda Testimonials

"I have known and worked with Belda on previous projects for several years and admire her skills as a coach. Belda’s broad business background and “quick study” capability give her an unusual breadth of knowledge and credibility. Belda embodies the rare combination of business skills and relationship skills that are so rare and yet so vital in today's coaching leaders."
- Javier Guzman, Senior Systems Analyst  

"Belda helped me prepare a proposal for a coaching/consulting contract that I was seeking. Her insights regarding how my presentation would be received helped me to find the best energetic presentation for the task at hand. I walked out with the contract!"
- Cindy Moskowitz, Non-Profit Coach and Consultant

  "Belda really helped me get clarity on my path forward after my recent divorce. Her intuitive questions uncovered some things that
were mentally getting in my way. I also appreciated her gentle way of holding me accountable for the things I said I would do.
All qualities you want in a great coach!"
- Kathy Wright, Consultant 

"Belda is truly an amazing coach that really helped me move pass obstacles and see new solutions. Her energy, enthusiasm and coaching techniques really helped open me up to new possibilities. I would highly recommend Belda as a coach to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life!"
- Jeremy K